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Episcopal Community FCU, offers a variety of loans for nearly every financial need. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle or fund a new business, our loans come with competitive rates and terms to help you feel good about the money you borrow. The personalized financial guidance we provide will help ensure you achieve your financial goals with confidence. Along with that, our fast application review and funding processes will allow you to get the funds you need quickly so you can spend more time enjoying the things that matter the most to you.  

Auto Loans
Couple buying a car

Auto Loans

Financing an automobile, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle, has never been easier!

We provide cost-effective vehicle lending solutions—custom built to meet your individual financing needs.

  • New or used cars, trucks and motorcycles

  • Vehicle refinancing 

  • Competitive rates and terms

  • Low monthly payments available

  • Quick loan pre-approvals 


Personal Loans

We offer loan options to help cover life's expenses … without over-extending your credit obligation.

Borrow money for:

  • Dental or medical expenses

  • Vacation or moving expenses

  • Wedding expenses

  • Home remodeling

  • Debt consolidation

  • Education

  • And much more!

Personal Loans

Church Loans

Does your church have certain financial needs? From maintenance, to new equipment, to parsonage construction, we tailor church loans specific to your circumstances. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can assist in providing you with the financial help your church needs.

inside of church
Church Loans
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Business Loans

Are you an entrepreneur who needs business financing to help start your business, purchase goods, or finance a new vehicle or commercial real estate? We offer business loans for businesses with competitive rates and no prepayment penalties. 

Business Loans

To learn more about our different loan options or to apply today, contact a Loan Representative at (213) 328-7756.

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